María García

María García is a passionate dream interpreter with extensive knowledge in psychology, mythology and symbolism. After graduating summa cum laude in Psychology at the University of Salamanca, she completed a master's degree in Comparative Mythology at the Sorbonne in Paris.

Her fascination with the subconscious and archetypal symbols led her to specialize in dream interpretation. She has mastered more than a dozen methods of interpretation, from Freudian psychoanalysis to the Jungian exploration of archetypes.

In her spare time, Maria cultivates her love of nature and hiking. She regularly organizes dream interpretation retreats in natural settings as a complement to her practice. She believes that immersion in natural beauty helps to connect with the inner self and decipher messages from the subconscious.

With decades of experience in dream elucidation, Maria brings psychological depth and insightful intuition to her interpretations in Dreamiada. Her texts are brimming with erudition while at the same time being entertaining and revealing to the reader. As content director, she strives to make Dreamiada an oasis of self-knowledge and personal growth.

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